David Polmer Communications

Every client has a story to tell. How you tell it makes all the difference.

About David

David is a seasoned communications strategist based in Chicago.


His value is in his knack for connecting with clients, and helping them craft and tell the story of who they are, who they want to be and why it matters. 

He mixes analytical thinking with a creative design approach, often resulting in unexpected solutions that grab attention and, most importantly, produce results.


Through his consulting services, David has helped senior leaders shape and share company vision, mold corporate culture and redefine their brands. 

His communication skills and background include corporate and executive communications, leadership development, employee engagement, public relations and crisis communications.  

A creative and compelling writer, David has also contributed to various print and online publications including the Chicago Sun-Times, BET.com and The Sporting News. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and on MSNBC.com.  




Services & Testimonials


  • Corporate Messaging and Organizational Positioning
  • Executive Communications
  • Reputation Management
  • Event Strategy
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Crisis Management

In Their Words

"If you’re looking for someone who cares deeply, thinks strategically and has the ability and vision to make a big impact, you won’t go wrong with David Polmer." - Deborah M.

"David never failed to impress me with his ability to translate corporate strategic priorities into a clear, compelling message." - Laura P.

"David comes to every meeting with open, positive energy, offers solution-oriented ideas and easily thinks outside-the-box to collaborate with the team to bring strategies to life." - Laura C.

"David’s got the chops as a writer, editor, and project manager, but the stamp he makes, which impresses me most, is his ability to quickly zero in on the opportunity and guide his clients through a regimented, though not inflexible, process that gets them toward a plan of action, which they feel is theirs to lead."  

- Marvin S.

"He asked thoughtful and challenging questions while attentively listening to our goals so he could design an approach that was aligned with our objectives and priorities." - Mary C.

"He was always willing to explore new and different strategies for our clients and was open to hearing all ideas. He took the time to thoroughly consider all aspects of the programs we implemented with a keen attention to detail." - Vanessa D.


David Polmer Communications